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that there was a World Whisky Day?World Whisky Day
Well I just discovered that it was declared to be on March 27th and that anybody around the world could register an event with them.

Why that date?
Well because that is the birthday of the late Mister Michael Jackson, no not the one who was singing, the one who wrote some of the most renown books about scotches. Yeah, he died in 2007 and some people thought it was a good way to pay tribute. I totally agree with them, but there seem to remain some questions and a bit of a debate about that whole story (to my knowledge at the time of writing this post).

More information about the questions at Dramming.

I’ll keep you posted about that story


EDIT: I’ve found a blurb about WWD on Whisky Magazine Web site, so I’m starting to think that the ideas of Dramming were justified but were answered properly.

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