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Bottle of Laphroaig CàirdeasRegion – Islay

Eye – Light Gold

Nose – First draft made me think of warm forest soil (dead leaves, hot evergreen needles and a bit of moisture), leather, peat and a little smoke. After that I got scents of green apple, caramel and burnt sugar.

Taste – Again, warmth is the first thing I think about when tasting the Laphroaig Càirdeas. Warm wood, oak and earth. Then I can feel some fish in it and maybe seaweed. Later on, it turns to peat. The finish is lightly peated, with a touch of salt and some caramel. It has a nice peppery feeling at the end. For a cask strength (51,3 ABV) I find it pretty mellow and it does not have as much kick as the other CS I’ve tasted, but it is a bit more aggressive than a regular strength one and a very nice dram anytime.

Remarks – Nic told me about that strange, special edition from Laphroiag (they are known to NOT make special edition) so I had to get a bottle of it. As no liquor store in my area had any, I had to call my dad (who lives about 500 km from my place) for him to go and buy me a bottle. It took a little while but eventually I got the thing and I discovered in the box that by buying that bottle I’d become a Friend of Laphroaig and that I was now the lucky owner of a plot of land (let’s be honest, that’s a one square foot plot, but still) in the Islay region.

Ratings: 93


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